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Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Renu Sharma is one of the very few artists in this region who excels in digital as well as traditional art. Never content with merely one medium of visual expression, Renu has explored diverse aspects of the artistic spectrum. Her interest in drawing and painting developed in early childhood and with her parents’ guidance, she went on to educate herself in the nuances of her chosen mediums. As her skill grew, she gained awards and acclaim in art-related activities and competitions.

After a brief hiatus during late teenage to focus on formal academic education, Renu returned with renewed zest to the world of art in the mid-2000s. After regaining touch with the fundamentals of art, she discovered a whole new world of digital art and photo-manipulation on the Internet. With the expression of human emotions being a prime area of focus for her, she deployed these mediums to extremely good use through portraits.

In 2008, Renu found inspiration in the supernatural, the gothic, and the surreal – she realized that she could actually represent the human psyche in unique ways by deploying these aspects. This she did very effectively by learning and using Photoshop. By digitally blending the real with the surreal or the fantastical, Renu was able to produce some masterpieces that stand out as much for their immense visual impact as their depth and composition. The Gothic culture, the Victorian era, fairy tales, and dark emotions, have been exquisitely represented in Renu’s digital art.

Since then, such has been her mastery over her art that many clients have flocked to her to commission her for producing art for their books. Some of the prominent of these include authors such as Penelope Fletcher, Trevor Cooley and Lola StVil.

Renu has been a full-time professional artist since 2011 now and has been fortunate enough to have her passion as a source of her livelihood. She continues to stay true to her roots and produces paintings, sketches, and other forms of traditional and digital art on a regular basis.



As an author, writing should be your main focus. When you have an amazing cover designer, it takes some of the stress and worry away. Knowing that you have someone who will be just as passionate designing your cover as you are writing the story lifts a burden off your shoulder. As an artist, that’s how Renu is about her job. Passionate. We have worked together many years. Over those years she has designed close to if not more than 20 covers for my books. I come to Renu with a general idea and concept, tell her kind of what I’m looking for and she turns it into more than I could have ever imagined. Not only is she passionate and creative about her work but also delivers in a timely manner. I appreciate everything she does, has done and will with all hope continue to do in the future. Thanks again, Renu!
– Lola Stvil, author of The Guardian series
Working with Renu is always a pleasure. She has made covers for seven of my books and does a fantastic job. I am finicky about the way the characters in my books and the world they inhabit are represented. I am most likely a pain about it. Renu is incredibly patient with me as I give her notes and ask for revisions. She fixes what I ask without complaints, but is also willing to explain why when an idea of mine won’t work. She is quick and professional and I believe that her creativity is one of the main reasons that my books have sold so well. Hire her! You won’t regret it.
– Trevor Cooley, author of The Bowl of Souls series
When I first decided to self-publish my science fiction series ‘ROUGE’, I knew that what I desperately needed was an amazing, eye-catching cover to get me noticed by readers. When I came across Renu’s website through Facebook, I had only just started researching cover designers. I have no talent graphically and I was awestruck at the beautiful artwork on Renu’s website. I emailed her out of curiosity with a proposal for my ideas and received an immediate reply. Renu was so professional and had enthusiasm for my project. I stopped searching immediately – I had found my designer, and I hadn’t even given her money yet!
It was an easy process and Renu had the distinct ability to convey exactly what I saw in my imagination as an image. When she procured the first draft of my cover, I was absolutely speechless. We only did three drafts of the first cover before I was 100% happy with it. In just the space of a couple of months, I had my amazing book cover. It didn’t matter that I had spent more than I anticipated (though Renu’s fees are more than reasonable for the kind of work she produces), because I had a cover that people stop and stare at. For a self-published author, that is the first step to making great sales.
People turn heads at my cover. It is the first thing that they say about my story. They haven’t even opened the page yet and they’re hooked. It is simple and yet enticing, and I could not have done it without Renu. I’ve continued using her as my designer for the series, and she even helped me create bookmark designs and posters for my launch. Whenever someone asks me if I know a good cover designer – graphic designer, period – I always refer them to Renu.
Thanks Renu for being there for me from the very beginning – I owe you an enormous amount of credit for the success I’ve had. I hope one day your beautiful creations can be appreciated as much as I have appreciated the time you’ve spent giving my series a face. It’s cheesy, I know, but I really couldn’t have done it without you.
– Isabella Modra, author of the ‘ROUGE’ series
I’ve worked with Renu Sharma on covers for two of my series, including seven titles. There’s a reason why I give her name out to every author I meet who needs a gorgeous, professional cover at reasonable prices. Renu listened to what I envisioned for each of my covers and made spot-on suggestions I hadn’t thought of that always enhanced the final product. Her skill with photo manipulation and digital art is amazing. And while it’s true she can create magic with her artistic skillset, she also has a gift for creating fonts, typography and cover design. I have been delighted with every cover Renu has made for me and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
– Susan Kiernan-Lewis, author of The Rowan & Ella Time Travel Adventure series
From the moment I first saw Renu Sharma’s work, I knew it was exactly what I wanted for my book. My publisher arranged for the job, and I have to say that above and beyond creating a fabulous cover that really captures the spirit of my book, Renu was easy to work with, punctual in all our dealings and tireless in her effort to make the perfect cover.
I would highly recommend Renu to any writer or publisher looking for a cover that will help drive sales and create a lasting memory in readers’ minds.
– Dina Von Lowenkraft, author of Dragon Fire, a YA Fantasy published by Twilight Times Books
I found Ms. Sharma on when I was looking for a cover artist for the first two books of my fantasy series, The Lizard Queen. When I saw her artwork its beauty and, often, its haunting qualities mesmerized me. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. Her professionalism was apparent from the very start. She guided me through the process, honing to my specifications as I moved toward a final look. Ms. Sharma kept me informed throughout the entire process and the end product was delivered in a timely fashion. I very much hope we can work together again on another project.
– H. L. Cherryholmes, author of The Lizard Queen series
Renu Sharma is an incredibly talented artist! Her covers are magical and alluring. The cover she designed for me received a lot of compliments from bloggers and reviewers. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.
– Mayra Calvani, author of The Luthier’s Apprentice
Renu Sharma is a very talented young lady–one to keep an eye on. Her work is professional, beautifully detailed, and eye catching. The moment I found her website, I knew I wanted her to do the cover for my debut novel, Mythos, and I was ecstatic with the finished product!! It has helped sell MANY copies. Renu Sharma is amazing!!!
– Heather McLaren, author of Mythos
Renu is a delight to work with. Fast and diligent, she produces quality work delivered on time. She handles touch-ups with ease. I highly recommend her.
– Stuart Jaffe, author of Gillian Boone series


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